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Postage costs Free or paid?

So I'm browsing the web searching for my posh outfit to wear for my visit to the races, I find the perfect outfit add it to my cart, go to check out and there they are, the dreaded postage costs that bump up the price of my perfect outfit including hat from £11.75 to £14.75 eek, nope, I leave straight away and find somewhere else to buy from.. I hate postage costs, feels like I'm paying for nothing.
However, think back to the day when you used to catch the bus to town costing 2 quid for a return (the postage cost) trawl the shops for hours and be so limited by local choice you would just settle for the lowest priced outfit that fitted my enormous rear, get to the event and to your horror find several people who are dressed just like you.

Anyway, back to the point,  when ordering online there are lots of businesses that offer free postage and your brain says, 'yey, I don't have to pay that dreaded postage cost' sorry to break it to you guys, you still have to pay postage, only it can be worse, see to offer free postage, no business can afford to absorb that cost, so basically to make you think you're getting a better deal, it is added on to the price of the product, OK fair enough if you are only buying 1 item, but if you find a full outfit like me with lots of items from the same website, rather than a combined postage of £3 for everything, I'm paying £3 on my dress, £3 on my tights, £3 on my shoes and £3 on my hat and somehow, my brain is telling me I got a bargain for paying £23.75 for my outfit that would have cost me just £14.75 if I had not been so stubborn in the first place and just paid for postage.

So to round up, Free postage in a special promo as maybe a company can absorb it temporarily to get more sales and contacts or on a minimum order as it can work as a bulk order discount in the businesses favour but free postage-always on... a big no no for me and if anyone tells you they can afford it in their profit margin, then they can afford to bring their prices down :)


P.S just to clarify, when I say races I mean 'the local' :)