Fundraising for Schools

Mother's Day 2020


If you would like to register for Mother's day please send your details below and we will get in touch

The School fundraisers,

We know money is tight for both schools and parents in the current economic climate and understand that fundraising can be difficult, we are hoping we can help.

After the success of last year’s fundraising campaigns, we have created these lovely little coasters and frames that parents can purchase with their child’s drawings engraved on for Mother’s Day at a special price exclusively for schools of £3.99.

All you need to do is send each child home with a letter and drawing template (which we will supply) to be completed or allow them to complete them at school for a higher success rate and have the completed orders ready for us to collect on the specified date. Your order will be delivered within the following 2 weeks to be handed back to your students.

Your school will earn £1 for every item sold with no cash outlay.

You can choose to check all monies received from parents are correct yourselves and take your £1 per coaster or if this is time consuming, we can do that for you and return your £1 per item back to you 😊 



​We will contact you 1 week before your order is ready, to collect payment and arrange delivery
Just complete the details in the contact form below and we will contact you with the forms and details to hand out to the children in your school or email us at